Natural Birth

Our bodies hold imprints of our stories. Stories of our own births, our experiences throughout the years. While you are on the brink of welcoming your own baby earthside, choosing a safe & supported environment and a skilled physiological birth provider is of utmost importance.

The midwifery model of care, at The Birth Home, offers you an opportunity to experience the power of natural birth. Your care is a collaboration and a shared responsibility between you, your partner, and your skilled midwife. We follow evidence-based practices where birth is viewed as a normal, natural body function. 

The intimate birth room offers you the safety and privacy needed. Your birth team is skilled to cater to your comfort during labor and birth. You can be active and upright during labor and birth, changing positions spontaneously, and as often as you need to.  We help you to use different techniques and tools for comfort and coping during active labor and birth. We encourage you to keep up your energy by eating nourishing foods and keeping yourself hydrated. The core of our philosophy is to keep you and your baby together after birth. We practice optimal cord clamping, undisturbed first hour & first breastfeeding.  

Midwifery Prenatal Care

At The Birth Home, your primary care provider is a midwife – a  trained health professional who helps you during pregnancy, labor, and after the birth of your baby.  Your prenatal care during pregnancy is geared to take as much time as you need- we love questions so please do note them and bring them along. Our midwife looks forward to every visit to get to know you, your baby, and your partner; to build a relationship. She will track your baby’s growth and both you’re well being with her practiced hands and with her skills as a normal pregnancy & birth practitioner. The investigations required will only be on an as-need basis and will be discussed with you in detail. Your midwife will take time to discuss your emotional well being and thoughts about your pregnancy and birth

Water Birth

Water is a lovely medium for the baby to come earthside. It provides a safe, gentle way to blossom and transition from growing in amniotic waters  to being born in a similar warmth, floating upwards, to take that very first breath! Water births are wonderful for you too! Water is an amazing tool for pain relief and can help you cope with the rigors of labor and birth, for a faster birth while protecting your perineum.

To ensure that the source of water used for births is not contaminated, at The Birth Home we have UV filters in place before the water gets heated and enters the tub. Anything touching the water is disposable or washable. The water is changed every 12 hours if needed. 

We use PPE for all our births and follow proper cleaning and disinfection protocols to reduce the bacteria and viral load.
Please see: CDC has stated that Covid19 does not spread through water. (

VBAC: Vaginal Birth After a C-section

If you are pregnant or planning a second baby after having a previous cesarean surgery, VBAC or Vaginal Birth After Cesarean is an option for you!. Once you’ve learned about the risks and benefits you are able to make an informed decision. You can do things differently this time around.

Emerging evidence suggests that experiencing labor and passing through the birth canal prepares babies for receiving beneficial microorganisms from their parents which play a key role in the development of their immune system.

Here’s why you should talk to us if you are thinking about a VBAC: Vaginal Birth After a C-section

  • Learn about the difference between VBAC tolerant and Vbac friendly care.
  • Supported processing of your previous birth
  • Physiotherapy for physical readiness
  • Demystify Uterine rupture: a path to informed decision making
  • An individualized plan of care
  • Failure to progress? BUST that myth!
  • How to feel in control and confident at your birth
  • Understanding early labour
  • How you can ensure postpartum health and wellbeing so you can care for your babies, and YOURSELF. 

At The Birth Home, we help you plan for your birth, not just a VBAC. 

“Both Meghana and Sneha educated me with the right info at the right time. The knowledge from them helped me realise the power in me and words of encouragement helped me during my labour. I could achieve my dream of delivering vaginally. Thanks to Meghana and Sneha. I owe this birth to you! Good luck for the new beginning. You are doing a great job.”

Trisha Gupta

We provide a full range of antenatal, birth and postpartum care in a home-like setting, guided by our vision of continuous, connected, compassionate care.​

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