Doula Care & Labor Support

Having a Doula at your birth often means that you will have shorter, faster labor with better coping of the pain during birth, your satisfaction at the outcomes are much more. The Birth Home doulas are birth workers who can attend your birth at the center or in the hospital, for your emotional and physical comfort and support. Doulas are many times described as the best pain relief available!

Our doulas are trained and experienced in providing continuous support in coping with labor’s inherent unpredictability, especially in a hospital setting, which can sometimes overwhelm you or your partner. Your doula holds space for you to make any important decisions. Having a doula can help you increase your chances of having a spontaneous vaginal birth. Feeling secure and cared for during your birth can help you start off on your parenting journey on a confident note. 

The roles of doulas and midwives are often confused. While your midwife provides labor support and is attentive, spending a lot of time with you during your active labor, she is your primary healthcare provider.  Doulas are non-medical professionals who center their care and focus on you and your partner, ensuring both your comfort, following your lead when needed, and guiding you when needed. 

Meet Your Team

DR. Sneha Shah

CAPPA Certified Labour Doula

“Sneha was my doulah and I had a wonderful experience with her. Her massages are magical. It really helped me to ease out my pain. I wish Birthhome all the success.”

Celine Antony

We provide a full range of antenatal, birth and postpartum care in a home-like setting, guided by our vision of continuous, connected, compassionate care.​

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