About Us

The Birth Home opened doors in 2019 to bring midwifery care to Bangalore and provide an option for  safe and supported natural birth. Since then we have built a cozy, safe haven for families in the city and  throughout India with a wide range of childbirth services. We are Bangalore’s first and only independent natural birth center. 

When you enter the Birth Home you will encounter friendly professionals who are your advocates. From the front desk to the birth room, we are supporting you to have a safe, empowering birth experience based on your personal preferences and choices. We are not just health care providers. We are healthcare partners. We recognize parents as the primary caregivers of their family and their babies.  We recognize and address the immense spiritual, psycho-social, and physical changes mother, baby, and family are going through. We know that when given the chance, our bodies are capable of giving birth with minimal intervention. 

The Birth Home Team

The co-founders of The Birth Home (left to right)- Shagufta Praveen, Chetana Kulkarni, Sneha Shah, and Meghana Naidu are experienced and dedicated birth professionals. We strongly and passionately believe that every person who gives birth should have the freedom to make informed choices. In addition to taking care of the big picture operations Chetana, Meghana and Sneha are student midwives.

We are delighted to add Sneha Tabhitha Arumugam and Pallavi to our administrative team. Tabhitha and Pallavi ensure the smooth operations of the center and support the clinical team.  

Senior Midwife and Clinical Director, Augustine Colebrook, the newest member of The Birth Home team joined us in September 2020, adding strength and vision to our blossoming birth centre.
Augustine is an internationally recognized midwifery educator, experienced business executive, and veteran midwife with 23 years of experience attending births in hospitals, birth centers, and homes in rural, urban and suburban environments in many different countries.
Augustine’s life mission is to mainstream midwifery globally and deconstruct the culture of fear and misinformation that surrounds the maternity world.


Skilled Midwife

Midwifery practice is rich in evidenced practice, skills, training, human contact, and attention.


Multidisciplinary professionals

To cater to all your needs in one place from planning a baby to postpartum care. 


Continuity of Care

Build a trusting relationship with a team who will care for you throughout pregnancy, labour, birth, and post-birth.


Natural Birth

Discover your boundless power to give birth on your terms including  VBAC.


Home-like setting

Safe and nurturing care with private birth rooms fully equipped to facilitate physiological birth. 


Water Birth

Choose to labour and birth in a warm birthing pool for a more relaxed, less painful birth experience.

“My 3 week old baby and I had latching issues and any pediatrician we visited suggested we supplement and convinced us that I had low milk supply. But after taking to Anagha (the best lactation consultant ever!) I was filled with confidence. She fixed our latch and what do you know, i learnt that my milk supply was never low. We weaned my baby off formula and I exclusively breast feed my baby. Thanks to her, my baby and I have a magical bonding time every feed. And I can sleep easy knowing that my baby is getting the best food for her – her mamma’s breast milk.”

Sriranjani N

We provide a full range of antenatal, birth and postpartum care in a home-like setting, guided by our vision of continuous, connected, compassionate care.​

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